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Stress Handling Group Workshop for Children (7-12 years) and Τeenagers (13-18 years)

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Stress Handling Group Workshop for Children (7-12 years) and Τeenagers (13-18 years)

Stress is not only a burden for adults, but children are affected to a great extend as well. Sometimes even more, considering the issues they are fac­ing with growing up (puberty), finding themselves, finding their role in the family, in school, in society and in recreational settings. School and family problems, social media etc. leave very little time for children to deal with themselves, with their dreams and with building their own personality.

Kids - reBorn Life Concepts

The pressure of succeeding amongst children is very strong, since compe­tition is present in all areas of their lives. Children should be left without burdens, so that they can focus and concentrate on school lessons, find out their talents and creativity and enjoy this sensitive age and period of growing up.

Children very often inherit the problems of the adults / family members and have to adopt their values whether they are true for them or not.

reBorn Life Concepts offers an interesting interactive day which helps chil­dren and teenagers (in different group settings) to cope with stress issues and anxieties,
balance their thoughts and emotions, help them to concen­trate when studying, get rid of negative feelings, enhance self esteem and self confidence, focus on their targets and goals. All activities are pleasant and fun but at the same time very helpful.

Teenagers, reBorn LC

The Program Includes:

  • 30 Min. Yoga for kids
  • Releasing Negative Emotions
  • Quick Tools for Stress Handling; How to stop negative thoughts, EFT Self Tapping
  • Breathing Techniques; One Minute Breathing Meditation
  • Tools based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming); Positive Anchors
  • Deep Relaxation Meditation



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