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Personal reBorn Mental Wellness (“Re-Programming”) in Greece

What is your transformation worth to you?
What is a happy and balanced “I” worth to you?


Personal reBorn Mental Wellness (“Re-Programming”) in Greece

3 Days Program / 5 Overnight Stays
5 Days Program / 7 Overnight Stays
7 Days Program / 9 Overnight Stays

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Have you ever felt that you have reached a point in your life were nothing satisfies or motivates you anymore? That you have simply lost your drive to be inspired? Do you feel burnt out with the demands of daily life and are simply not even interested in making the effort? Do you feel that you have already given everything there is from yourself and that you are left with nothing? Have you lost your ability to dream or have lost your path and don’t even know what you actually want in your life?

Well, if you feel, that you have lost contact with yourself and the ones you care for around you, then you have two choices: Continue and struggle with your responsibilities, denying the dreams you once had and denying the person you once were and go with the flow of your current life, or you stand up tall and say:

«I feel I need a change – I want to change – is there anyone out there who could help me with this change?»

We will help you to change – we will help you to re-think, we will help you to find out again what you really want and how you can achieve that! We will give you the opportunity to “change”!

Our experienced practitioners and specialists will work closely with you in order to help you to find yourself, set yourself free of things which keep you back, let go of negative feelings and fears, focus on new dreams and goals and feel great again! We will help you to “open your wings in our hands!” You will be literally reBorn and you will have the choice on how you want to react to life’s circumstances and difficulties.

Who needs the Mental Wellness (“Re-Programming”)?
The reborn Mental Wellness (“Re-Programming”) is suitable for you if you can identify your­self with one or more of the following indicative circumstances:

Feeling overwhelmed by daily responsibilities, negative feelings (anger, sadness, fear, guilt), painful memories, phobias, anxiety, lack of self-con­fidence, self esteem and calmness, need of support during and after illness, imbalance, problems in communicating with others (miscommu­nication), feeling of emptiness and having no goals in life, mood swings, limiting beliefs, disappointment, loss of interest, empty “batteries”, burn out.

What is included in this package:

  • Precise study of your specific situation by experienced practitioners
  • Tailor made program according to your needs
  • Personal Practitioner who will work with you on your specific situation by using a number of various techniques and tools for your personal change (like Neuro
  • Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Tech­nique, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy™, Meditation). 5 – 8 hours daily, or according to your preferences
  • Teaching of self-helping tools, which will help you to face stressful situations effectively and efficiently
  • Light physical activities (walking, running, swimming)
  • Reiki (if desired)
  • Full Vacation Package, i.e. 5 overnight stays (3 Days Program) or 7 overnight stays (5 Days Program) or 9 overnight stays
  • (7 Days Program) in a 4 or 5 * Hotel on HB basis
  • One Half Day Excursion (5 Days Program), Two Half Day Excursions (7 Days Program)
  • Transfers from and to Airport
  • Three Follow-up Skype Sessions with your personal practitioner after your return to your home country

Additional Techniques that can be added upon request
(additional fee applies): Yoga, Acupuncture, Reflexology, etc.



For further detailed information and for a free quote please contact us:

Unless otherwise stated, whenever the masculine gender is used, both men and women are included.