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Life & Business Coaching

Life & Business Coaching

One of the most important success factors for an organization is a well developed, skilled and balanced workforce with it’s managers to be fully aligned with today’s necessary leadership and social skills.

As known, personal matters, behavioral issues, bad experiences, fears, lack in soft skills – especially in view of leadership, lack in social skills and a not effective communication style do hinder the success of managers (although they provide all the necessary technical skills) and therefore do not support the achievement of the best possible results for the company.

Companies do invest in people development and training, usually focusing mainly or only on technical and soft skills improvement, however, it is the individual’s personal mindset and mental / emotional wellness which needs to be addressed also on a deeper level, in order to achieve the desired personal changes, development and achievement of the goals set, in the best possible way.

We offer you for your professionals our tailor made Life & Business Coaching Programs based on several coaching techniques and our long experience in the field of Human Resources, as a former Director of Human Resources of a big international pharmaceutical company. The combination of coaching techniques and knowing and fully understanding the needs of today’s organizations and the extended experience in handling and solving personnel matters in view of Management, Conflict Solving and Mentoring through the lived experience of being member of the Executive Committee of an international company, gives us the competitive advantage of offering Coaching Programs on the local market.

Our Coaching Programs, which also address the emotional wellbeing of the managers, can be executed in three languages (Greek, English and German) and are tailor made, according to the needs of your organization and the specific needs in view of personal change and development of your managers. The sessions for Life & Business Coaching are one-to-one. We offer also group sessions from which a bigger number of your employees can benefit from.

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How to communicate more effectively with NLP (Group Session)

Good and effective Communication – one of the most important factors for our business but also for our private life. How is it possible that with some people we can communicate easily and successfully and with others it seems that we just don’t get along, we misunderstand each other and that leaves us back frustrated and annoyed. How is it possible that we can’t succeed in convincing the other about our ideas? During this session you will not only learn effective ways of communication and negotiation but also to understand your personal communication style better and how you can adapt to the communication and thinking style of others, so that you are able to achieve better results.