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Medical Tourism


It is true that nothing is more important than health. Loss of health does not only create physical and psychological discomfort, but also financial difficulties.
Having a health insurance may provide some financial protection against expensive medical treatments, but there are also quite a high number of treatments which are either not reimbursed or reimbursed at a minimum.

Therefore, patients seek for private healthcare in countries which can offer high quality standards at a lower rate than in their home countries. Recent statistics show that currently more than 15% of European Union patients seek healthcare services abroad.

reBorn LC, Medical Tourism in Greece

Private healthcare in Greece has an excellent reputation. Doctors in Greece are extremely skilled and are ranked as ones of the highest worldwide. It is not by chance, that Greek Doctors enjoy high recognition at Hospitals, Universities and Medical Scientific communities globally. Thus, in combination with the good value for money medical care, Greece has become a favourite destination even for patients coming from countries with highly developed health systems.
At the same time, Greece is one of the most popular touristic destinations worldwide with unique characteristics such as crystal clear sea, mild climate, natural beauty, Mediterranean cuisine, world famous history, first class tourism services and much more…


…it is not surprising that more and more people combine top quality private healthcare services with vacations, both at attractive prices. Frequently, the total costs (treatment and vacations combined) are less than just the treatment costs in the patient’s country of origin!

We, at “reBorn Life Concepts Medical”, offer you our many years of experience in the private healthcare sector in Greece along with our expertise in tourism. We work in close cooperation with top professionals who offer individualized medical care who use the newest technology, materials and know-how.

Our Services to You

  • We provide information of highly skilled medical doctors at top quality healthcare facilities for various types of health treatments.
  • We ensure minimum waiting list.
  • We ensure a value for money medical care and a cost agreement prior to treatment.
  • We act as facilitators between you, the healthcare facilities and the medical doctors for all organizational procedures, before, during and after your treatment in Greece.
  • We accompany you to the facilities and doctors throughout the entire duration of your treatment. We speak English, German and Greek. Further languages may be offered upon request.
  • We offer you and the people who might accompany you top quality touristic services such as transfers, accommodation, excursions, sight seeing, as well as other “reBorn Life Concepts” services if desired.

Types of health treatments for which we provide information regarding facilities and medical doctors in Greece:

  • Eye treatments, full range of ophthalmology services
  • Dental treatments, full range of dentistry services

reBorn LC, Medical Tourism in Greece, Dental Treatments

  • Plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments for body and face
  • Hair restoration treatments

reBorn LC, Thermal SPA

  • Thermal Spa treatments
  • Fertilization treatments

reBorn LC, Medical Tourism in Greece, Fertilization treatments

Further treatments upon request

The Way we Work

Medical tourism facilitators tend to work on a commission basis with the hospitals, clinics and other medical providers, without charging the patients for their facilitation services. Obviously, at the end of the day, the patients are paying both, directly the hospitals and indirectly the medical facilitators.

We have decided to go a different way: We are directly charging you for our services, without having any financial relationship with the hospitals, clinics and other medical providers.

Our Concept Philosophy and Some Important Advantages for You:

We, as medical facilitator, are against any promotion of medical providers which is triggered by financial interest.

The way we work at reBorn LC

Our purpose is to facilitate you to take your own appropriate decisions for a medical treatment by providing you with objective information.
The way we work, guarantees highest information objectivity. Our clients are you and not the hospitals, clinics or any other medical providers.

You, as our client may also expect our sincere and intense efforts to optimize your treatment costs. It is obvious, that our concept allows us to negotiate on your behalf, since we, at reborn Life Concepts Medical do not receive any commissions from the medical providers. Therefore, the total costs you will be charged (charges from the hospitals for the treatments and charges from us for the facilitation) are highly advantageous.

For further detailed information and for a free quote please contact us:

Simply, let us know which type of health treatment you wish (for example dental treatment, eye treatment, plastic surgery, etc).
You will receive a respective questionnaire to complete, and very soon you will have a non-binding quotation for your treatment along with our proposal for your entire stay in Greece.
We want you to understand that we respect your privacy and that confidentiality is our first and most important priority. We share your information only after your agreement with the respective medical facilities and doctors.

Unless otherwise stated, whenever the masculine gender is used, both men and women are included.