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General Terms


for participation of travellers in organized travel – in compliance with Greek Presidential Decree 339/1996 and in the frame of European Community Directive 90/314/EEC

Please, before joining one of our organized travels, read carefully following General Terms. Participation in any organized travel provided by our company requires the acceptance of all General Terms according to Greek Presidential Decree 339/1996.  The General Terms regarding participation include general information as well as the rights and obligations of the two parties. In regard to specific information regarding your individual travel (destinations, rates, days, hours of departure and return, means of transportation, accommodation, visits, etc.), please always refer to your individual offer.


Our company, reBorn Life Concepts single member P.C. (www.rebornlc.com), based in Attica Greece, is primarily providing consulting, coaching and medical tourism services in Greece. Our aim is to facilitate our customers as best as we can and therefore have decided to complementary act also as an online travel agent. We offer a variety of touristic services bundled in a “package” for all our customers (at present our company does not issue flight tickets).

Since we do not have our own hotels, means of transport, etc., we usually build partnerships with other touristic offices, service providers and suppliers, aiming to offer to our customers a package of touristic services. Permission to act as an online travel agency has been provided by the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) with registration number: 0208E70000605201


All information included in this General Terms is of general nature and valid as is, unless otherwise is stated in each individual offer. It is common within the touristic sector that travel details may change due to frequent and extraordinary changes. In such case, you will be immediately notified in the most appropriate way.


Since we are an online travel agency (there is no office for the public), requests and registrations are made online, by contacting us via our website www.rebornlc.com or by e-mail. The interested persons will receive a detailed offer with all information needed for their requested services, including all terms and conditions. Acceptance of offer transforms the offer into a binding agreement for both sides. For reservation of services, our policy indicates an advance payment of 50% of the Total Final Price1 within 3 days as of the date of offer acceptance. The remaining amount of 50% has to be paid until 14 days prior to the date of the first scheduled service. For both payment instalments our customers should proceed via bank transfer. Bank details are provided in the offer and agreement. No payment, or no keeping of the scheduled payment instalments at the agreed dates, entitles our company to cancel the reservation and to charge cancellation fees if applicable.

In case the customer is making use of additional services (not included in the agreed offer), payment will be provided after completion of services and before departure with credit cards. More details can be found in the offer and agreement.

1 Total Final Price is the total payable amount of all agreed services as indicated in the offer (package of services) including all fees, taxes and other charges.


Prices are included in the provided offer and agreement. Prices are calculated near the date we receive the incoming request by our customer by analysing his/her needs and the correlated to the services required costs. Price calculation is based on many cost factors such like cost of services, applicable fares, surcharges, taxes and other costs and any other cost factor which may apply. Our company has the right to adjust prices when above cost factors change, not later than 20 days prior to the date of starting of services. Our company may decide to absorb at its own cost increases. In such cases the customer will not be notified for any price adjustment. Otherwise, we notify the customer, who has the right to cancel his/her participation and be refunded with the full amount already paid.


Our company has the will and obligation to provide the best possible services to our customers. However, it is not always easy to control the activities of all third party service providers and their associates, so we cannot be responsible for their actions. The same applies for emergency situations such as cancellations, delays or changes of the different means of transportation, or due to other circumstances beyond our control including (without limitation) force majeure events, war, riots, strikes, terror acts, natural disasters. Our company can also not anticipate or control any flight delays (charters or even scheduled flights) or ship delays e.g. for weather or any other reasons. In above indicative only examples, our company is not responsible for any damages caused, but will exhaust its efforts to facilitate the customers. This doesn’t mean that our company has the obligation to pay extraordinary expenses which burden the customers.

If you face any problem during your travel, you have to immediately report it in writing to the service provider on the spot (e.g. to the provider of transfer services, hotel services, etc). If the problem has not been solved on the spot in a fast and satisfactory way by the direct service provider, please immediately contact our company and we will do our best to resolve it. In case you would like to submit an official complaint after returning from your travel, you should address it in writing to our company within maximum 7 working days after the date of departure, together with any evidences you have taken. After 7 working days, our company has no obligation to respond to any claim. In case of damages caused by non-execution or improper execution of services, compensation may be provided according to binding international agreements which govern these specific services. In particular, the compensation related to non-execution or improper execution of a service is limited to twice the value of the price per person.

Our company mainly serves individual customers but also small groups. No minimum participation applies in this case from our company’s side.

After completion of your travel, our company will issue all required by the tax-law final or remaining documents (invoices, receipts, etc.) which will be sent to you per e-mail and mail.


In case the customer is travelling in a group, the appropriate social behaviour as well as the compliance to the travel plan is essential. The customer should follow the recommendations of the guides and take care for his/her on time presence at all required locations. In case the delay or inconsistency of a customer results to a loss of any means of transportation or other service, the customer should reconnect with the group at own responsibility and costs, without having the right to be refunded for the service he/she has lost or for the entire trip if he/she failed to reconnect. Our company will do its best to assist, but without having any further obligation. At airports and ports the customer must be at least 2 hours present before departure. If there is no guide during a trip, the customer has to confirm on the spot his/her next flights with the airline and check when and from which airport and terminal the flights depart. If a customer interrupts his/her trip by own decision and separates from the group, he/she is not entitled to any further service or compensation. The responsibility and any associated costs are burdening the customer.

Our company is not responsible for non-provided services due to the customer’s negligence or no show due to sudden illness or accident. If the customer cannot participate personally in a travel which has been already booked, he/she may assign the reservation to another person who fulfils the conditions for participating, no later than 5 working days before departure (10 working days for shipping transfers).  The “new customer”, which replaces the initial customer, but also the initial customer, have both the same responsibilities towards our company as it concerns all terms and conditions of the accepted offer (agreement). Please note, that any change related to above replacement, will be accepted under the condition that all service providers who offer their services during the travel are in agreement.

Although our company is not offering airline tickets, we would like to provide you with the information that in particular for flights, the passenger’s personal data cannot be changed and only a cancellation of the existing reservation and a new reservation may be possible (no name change). Cost for the issue of a new ticket for the new customer has to be considered. In such cases you should directly contact your ticket issuer, or directly the airline helpdesk in case of an online reservation.


All information related to the categorization of hotels or of other accommodation options notified in our offers is in accordance with the actual legislation of each country for the classification of hotels and other accommodation options, and may vary from country to country. The rooms of the most hotels accommodate two beds or a semi-double bed. Triple rooms are, in reality, double rooms with an extra bed. They are usually not very comfortable and the extra bed may be smaller than normal beds, or the extra bed may be a sofa or folding bed. The rooms on arrival day are usually available from 14:00 to 15:00 and are at the disposal of the customers until 12:00 on the day of departure. Should customer wish early check-in or late check-out he/she will be charged with an additional amount. If, due to unforeseen events, our company is forced to change a hotel with another of the same or higher category, our company has no obligation for compensation payment.

In the event of a late arrival at the hotel (after the day or time of the scheduled arrival) the customer has the obligation to inform the hotel accordingly otherwise the hotel has the right to cancel the reservation and reserve the room for another customer for the entire duration of the reservation. In the unlikely event of hotel overbooking, our company will attempt to replace the room with another room of the same or higher category, or if this is not possible, with a lower class room – and will refund the difference of room rate to the customer without any additional liability or obligation.

Travelling by bus within Greece, the seats are allocated according to “booking seniority “and are not changed during the trip, while on bus trips abroad, seats may change every day. Smoking in bus is forbidden. The duration of a full-day tour does not exceed 9 hours, of a half-day 4 hours – always calculated from hotel departure until return to the hotel.

Airlines, for their own reasons, may charter airplanes of another airline for their own flights. This is not a reason for cancelling the travel or claiming any compensation.

We recommend that the customer monitors all of his/her personal items (e.g. mobile phones, wallets, etc.) in any place, e.g. in hotel, ship, plane, etc. In particular hotels (at international practice) do not bear responsibility for money or jewellery left in the room. For such cases, there are usually small in-room safes provided.


Our company is providing all necessary information regarding the documents required for the travel, but is not offering facilitation services for issuing (or renewal) of personal identification documents. It is the customer’s responsibility to fulfil passport, visa or other travel requirements applicable. He/she must pay attention on the validity (expire date) of those documents which in any case should not be shorter than the duration of the travel. In case customer wishes to cancel the reservation because of fail in having on time the required travel documents, our cancellation policy will apply. The customer has also the responsibility for the appropriate storage of all travel documents throughout the trip.

Our company is providing all public available information about any necessary medical prophylaxis (if any) when customers are visiting Greece. However, due to the confidentiality of personal medical data, the customer himself/herself has to address all   questions about   personal health to the relevant health authorities or doctor. Customers experiencing health problems should seek for their doctor’s consent for travelling. Our company does not bear any responsibility for illness, injury, loss of life, accident or other emergency during the travel. In the unlikely event of an occurring incident, our company will assist as much as possible the affected customer but has no obligation to cover any relevant costs or to proceed with change of the travel plan (in case of group travel).


According to law, our company is insured for the unlikely events of non-execution or improper execution of services and the events of insolvency and bankruptcy.

Our offers do not include any private insurance on customer’s side, e.g. travel cancellation insurance, health insurance, accident or life insurance, loss of luggage etc. We strongly recommend always having such insurance when travelling. We would like to note that travel insurances do not constitute an obligation for travel agencies, but can optionally be attained by the customers in their respective home countries.


The customer has the full responsibility of own luggage regardless if accompanied or not by a representative of our company. In case of damage or loss, there are corresponding international conditions which apply for each means of transportation and for hotels.

In general on flights, only 1 baggage per passenger is allowed, with a maximum weight of approx. 20 kg (different regulations exist as per airline). Should additional costs occur due to overweight, the costs have to be paid by the customer at the airport. Also note, that airlines usually allow only a hand-baggage of small dimensions (about 50x40x25) for taking into the passengers’ cabin. The customer is obliged to comply with the airline’s recommendations, regulations and general policy on overweight luggage for which the airline is solely responsible and therefore our company does not bear any responsibility. In case of damage or loss, IATA regulation applies.


Our cancellation policy:

For cancellation within 21 or more days prior to the date of the first scheduled service, no cancellation fees to be charged, payment in advance is paid back.

For cancellation within 8-20 days prior to the date of the first scheduled service, cancellation fees of 50% of Total Final Price1 will be charged.

For cancelation in 7 or less days prior to the date of the first scheduled service, or in case of no-show, or early check-out, the 100% of Total Final Price will be charged.

This cancellation policy applies for the entire range of services (the total package) offered by reBorn Life Concepts.

1 Total Final Price is the total payable amount of all agreed services as indicated in the offer (package of services) including all fees, taxes and other charges.

Cancellations have to be made only in writing by simply send us an e-mail (petra.kroeger@rebornlc.com) and informing us about the cancellation need. The date of the incoming e-mail to us is the valid reference date for applying of the cancellation policy. For the customer’s own security, he/she will receive an e-mail from our company confirming the cancellation.


Our company and the customer are committed to resolve in good faith any dispute may arise during the execution of the agreed services. In case all efforts fail, the parties agree to address the dispute to the Committee of friendly dispute solving of the Association of Tourist and Travel Agencies in Greece, and request for mediation. If a friendly settlement is not possible, Courts of Athens are competent.